We work for profit and non-profit organisations and companies, universities and public administration. Our approach is based on the aim to clarify and improve the ways in which people work together.

Some of our customers (mediation clients are not mentioned due to confidentitality):

Asklepios Klinikum: single and team coaching

Bayer Pharma AG: individual coaching and team workshops for international teams

Bezirksamt Berlin-Lichtenberg: moderation of public meetings

Bombardier Transportation: annual team development workshops for several international teams

Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition Vienna : working group chair

Europa-Universität Viadrina, MA Mediation: crosscultural training

FirstADRKit - Erasmus+ non-formal learning: mediation training

Evangelische Kirche Brandenburg: team coaching for ministers

Greek Mediation Institute (Athen): mediation training

Humboldt-Universität / Tulane Law School: Dispute Resolution Summer School: mediation training

International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, Mediation Week: working group

Medicins sans frontiers: individual and team coaching

Ruppiner Kliniken GmbH: team coaching

Vattenfall GmbH: individual coaching

via gGmbH: project manager coaching

WDR Köln: project management mentoring