10.08.2016 16:05 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Gute Nachrichten

Lightning conductor

Piran, Slovenia, Summer 2013, Photo: Kati Bond

Piran, Slovenia, Summer 2013, Photo: Kati Bond

My boss has it in for me. He is always criticizing me in front of others. For no particular reason. I have been moved to different departments and cannot change anything. I am given more work than others. I am asked to work in the unattractive projects.

First possibility: It is true. Your boss has got it in for you (because you remind him of his father, because he needs a lightning conductor, because he is not happy with your work, or for whatever other reason).

Then you can either ask to speak with your boss and try to explain the situation and your feelings and ask for this to change. Or you can quietly accept this situation. Or you can look for another job.

Second possibility: It is not true. After talking to several colleagues your realise that your boss is not paying you more attention than anyone else.

Then you would have to ask questions of yourself. Perhaps questions like these:

How do I feel when my boss treats me ”this way”? Am I reminded of a different situation somewhere else? Could there be a different way of reacting to situations like this, a way I have not yet tried out?

Why does a certain behaviour make me angry, afraid or insecure?

You decide which of the two possibilities you choose.

You are free.