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Soulful Leadership – Just for Softies?

Soulful Leadership – Just for Softies?


One trend in articles and blogs on leadership over the last yea r has been the theme of humanity, togetherness and ethical leadership.

In one of my coaching processes I worked with a manager who is successful by concentrating mainly on results.

All the talk is just for softies, he might say, and people should be working, not loving each other.

Well, I can understand this man. And if this way of leading people works for him then this is wonderful.

I also know leaders who try very hard to make everyone feel good, and who listen a lot and do a lot for their staff. Often these leaders are not so happy with the results.

And as so often, the truth is in the right balance. I would call the two poles humanity and results. Two values that can work very well together. If you exaggerate one of them, then this leads to its impoverishment.

So soulful leadership is not just for softies and a focus on results is not just for the tough nuts. Find out which side you like to work with best, and then move deliberately a bit the other way in your leadership.


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