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Businesses and organisations undergo change and development. They face new challenges.

Conflict is often a part of this process. The exchange of opinion and competition between different ideas can be crucial in creating something new. By working through conflict with each other, we make decisions. Society too moves forward by constructively managing conflict.

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Sometimes medium and long-term goals can be unclear, or the way to achieve them may seem blocked. Leaders have to make the right decisions, they have to communicate effectively, and they have to stay true to themselves and others.

Coaching with a professional is the right way to pose the right questions and work on the answers.

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Team development

Teams are always developing. By themselves.

Team development guides processes and change, to the benefit of the organisation and the team members.

Working in a team can be a lot of fun, and it can also be hard work. Different interests come together and produce a result.

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We moderate team processes, meetings, strategy workshops and public events. We want to know what our customers expect. Should there be a specific result? Is the process open and should results be explored together along the way? Is it important that everyone is heard?

We plan your event and decide with you on the best methods to ensure that your goals are met.

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Training is also an excellent way of taking a productive time out from everyday work, and then to return to your regular tasks with new energy. And training can have a positive effect on teamwork and individual motivation.

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Dialogue Training

In our Dialogue Training we would like to explore the nature of good communication. We would like to encourage a form of dialogue which leads to a deeper mutual understanding of the perspectives and needs of all participants.

This kind of dialogue is based on appreciation and empathy. In good dialogue, differences are accepted, people are curious, and they look for common ground.

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In 5 days take 5 minutes each day to think about a challenging question, to reflect on your own ways of thinking and behaviour and to try out something new. Print out our worksheets and give it a try!

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