Dialogue Training

„Being able to talk to each other makes us human.“ (Karl Jaspers)

In our Dialogue Training we would like to explore the nature of good communication. We would like to encourage a form of dialogue which leads to a deeper mutual understanding of the perspectives and needs of all participants.

This kind of dialogue is based on appreciation and empathy. In good dialogue, differences are accepted, people are curious, and they look for common ground.

Dialogue is a state of mind and a set of tools. Both can be learned and developed. In professional contexts, team members and colleagues can understand each other better. Leaders and managers become listeners who want to know what their staff require. Meetings can become constructive and enjoyable. A culture of dialogue can grow.

We offer our Dialogue Training to teams, leaders and individuals in all fields of work, business, education and life.

We work with examples and situations from your own everyday work. We focus strongly on practical work and reflection, and we offer brief theoretical background.

Dialogue Training is flexible and can be booked for one day, two days, or a weekend. It is suitable for teams and groups of all kinds.


  • Understanding and being understood
  • Empathy and appreciation
  • Facts, relationships and needs
  • Slowing conversation down
  • Focusing on what matters
  • The loop of understanding and other tools
  • Articulating your own needs
  • Dialogue when time is short
  • Listening as a leadership skill