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Mediation in the Public Sector

Greg Bond explores mediation in the public sector, either within organisations or between public institutions and other stakeholders, in a contribution to Spektrum der Mediation, 4/2023, in German.


Culture and Mediation

Greg Bond looks at the "Western" mediation model and asks to what extent criticism of this is relevant today: "Culture and Mediation: A 2020s Perspective on Early Criticism of Western Paradigms", in The Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Mediation (New York: Routledge, 2023)


Mediation Moves: The Effects of Mediation Training - in Stories

Greg Bond collects personal stories by mediators reflecting on the effects of their mediation training on their lives, in Mediation Moves - Concepts, Systems, People, hg. Ulla Gläßer, Lin Adrian, Nadja Alexander (Frankfurt am Main: Wolfgang Metzner Verlag, 2022)


Conflicts about political identity and social divisions: what can be done?

Greg Bond published his thoughts on "social divisions" in Spektrum der Mediation, 4/2021, in German. If we look for differences we will find them, and the same is true if we look for common ground.


Uwe Johnson, Zwei Ansichten, Rostocker Ausgabe

The novel Zwei Ansichten (Two Views) by Uwe Johnson presents two perspectives (East and West) of the divided city of Berlin in the year the Berlin Wall was built. Within a new critical edition of Johnson's works in 43 volumes, Greg Katja Leuchtenberger, Yvonne Dudzik and Greg Bond have edited and commented on this novel (Berlin: Suhrkamp Verlag, 2021).


Online-Mediation und Online-Mediationsausbildungen

Since Corona we have been working online. Greg Bond reflects on his experiences with online mediation and the advantages of having new alternatives, in German, in Perspektive Mediation 4 / 2021.


Kluwer Mediation Blog

Experienced mediators and conflict professionals from around the world post on the Kluwer Mediation Blog on topical issues in conflict resolution today. Greg Bond blogs here each month.

Mediation in a Multicultural Society

Greg Bond writes about mediation as a way of facilitating communication and dialogue in a multicultural society, in Was hält die Migrationsgesellschaft zusammen. Norme – Werte – Rechtsansprüche, ed. by Arnim Regenbogen, Elk Franke, Reinhold Mokrosch, Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht Unipress 2021. In German.


Über Dialog, Geschichten gegen den Hass und das Miteinander-Reden. Bücher, die Hoffnung machen

Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement, 5/2020. A review of new books in German and English on dialogue in society today. By Greg Bond


Spring in Paris

Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement 2/2020. Greg Bond writes about his experiences at the 15th International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris (in German).


European Narratives

Twenty International Students Tell Their Stories of Europe. In this creative writing project with students of management and business, we asked ourselves what Europe means for us at a time when everyone is speaking about crisis. The students wrote authentic autobiographical stories about what it is like to discover Europe from their different perspectives, coming from inside Europe (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy) and outside (Cameroon, Columbia, Kasakhstan, Russia), or the perspective of their parents from Bosnia, Canada, Lebanon and more.

The book is a delightful collection of stories about discovery and self-reflection, about love and about European values.

In English and available as a free download.

Stories Mediators Tell

The American Bar Association has published a collection of stories based on real experiences of mediators from around the world, edited by Lela P. Love and Glen Parker. Stories from China, Europe, India, South Africa, the USA and elsewhere tell of the challenges and difficult moments in mediation, and from successes and surprises - anonymous or fictional, or with the permission of the parties to tell the tale. The result is a rare picture of the diversity of mediation and the common denominator - the wish to find solutions. Greg Bond has written a story about a community mediation in a German village for this volume.

Conflict Management within Organisations

In Salgaocar Law Review 3/2017 (published by the V.M. Salgoacar College of Law in Goa, India) Greg Bond looks at conflict management systems within organisations, using the example of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany, where he coordinates an internal conflict advisory service.  He describes how to set up such a service, the underlying principles and experience with it at the university.


Police Work and Mediation

Perspektive Mediation 2/2017 focuses on policework and mediation. Greg Bond interviews police commissioner Raimo Ermler about setting up an internal conflict management system for the Brandenburg State Police.


Journal Supervision

Journal Supervision 1/2017 focuses on the practice of coaching. Kati Bond was the responsible editor for this special edition. Coachees reflect on their experience of coaching, coaching professionals provide methodological tips an different coaching approaches are reviewed.

Dispute Resolution for Children

Explaining alternative dispute resolution to children - mediation and conciliation are presented at the children's university at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. Greg Bond has written an essay on this in the book Wir gehen studieren (Wildau 2016) by "Timo Schlaurier" (in German).

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is a professional and structured method for exchanging ideas and discussing cases from working life. Greg Bond, Pia Mahlstedt and Christof Berlin have written about their own experiences with peer coaching. Published in Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement 2/2016 (in German).


Mediation Practice

"Mediation Practice. 8 Cultures, 16 Cases, 128 Creative Solutions" is a new book edited by Greg Bond and published in February 2016 by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. It is a dialogue between experienced mediation professionals of different nationalities and backgrounds, sharing their ideas on cases from across the globe. The 8 mediators provide 16 cases and 128 responses and conclusions to these cases with hundreds of ideas on what mediators might do in specific situations. Each case focuses on a “mediation moment” when mediators ask themselves what to do next. The cases come from international commercial mediation, small claims mediation, family and elder mediation, workplace mediation, and community mediation.

Systemic Mediation

Systemic mediation is about understanding conflicts and their resolution in terms of the organisational and interpersonal contexts in which they are embedded. We have written about this in the journal Perspektive Mediation, 4/2016 (in German).

International Commercial Mediation Training Role-Plays

International Commercial Mediation Greg Bond und Colin J Wall edited a book with training role-plays for international commercial mediation: International Commercial Mediation Training Roleplays (Paris: ICC, 2015).

The book is a compilation of 21 of the best role-plays written for the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition which can be used for commercial mediation and mediation representation training at universities and by training organizations around the world. The issues addressed in the role-play range from contractual and quality disputes to cases in intellectual property rights, to disputes in the construction industry and cases involving personal conflict in close international partnerships.

All of the role-plays are written by highly experienced professional mediators. Each role-play includes general information for both parties and confidential information for each party. The editors provide expert comment on the role-plays from business, legal and training perspectives.

This is an indispensable resource in commercial mediation training around the world.

Keep Calm and Mediate

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Commercial Mediation Comptetion took place in Paris in February 2015 for the tenth time. Greg Bond interviewed Hannah Tümpel, Paul Eric Studt, Christian Hartwig und Birgit Sambeth Glasner, in "Konfliktdynamik", 3/2015 (in German).